Rue du Luxe | About
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Rooted in luxury experiences around the world, Rue du Luxe encompasses an understanding of retail|e-tail and an in-depth knowledge of the US market.


We believe that luxury requires professionals that are adapted to this multi-faceted domain. As the two selling channels, Retail l E-tail are merging together; we look for profiles who are digitally savvy and aware.


We have worked in the industry prior to succeeding in talent acquisition. Therefore, we rightfully support our promise of elevating customer experience and finding the best suited candidates for selective retail positions.


As our high-end clients are continually striving to improve customer satisfaction, shopping experience, and sales, we lead the hiring process by identifying and supplying emerging talents early on.


Rue du Luxe maintains an extensive database of talents and adopts a proactive approach in order to assure its continued growth. Our experienced team gives us the insight to identify ideal candidates for each position and client.


We  work together to procure a targeted group of candidates who meet the unique criteria of each search. We meet every single candidate in our private office where professionalism and confidentiality are guaranteed.


We strive to find candidates who best understand the luxury environment. Upon assessing your queries, our consultants will guide you through the hiring process from sales to store director.