Rue du Luxe | Expertise
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We focus on helping our clients build the best customer and in-store experience by recruiting


Store Directors

develop the business and represent the brand within and outside the store

drive traffic and proactively manage the clienteling and all CRM function in the store, with particular emphasis on the local market (events, integration to the local community, etc.)

lead, inspire, develop, train and recruit Sales Team to exceed client expectations and generate sales

develop overall business strategy to successfully reach quantitative and qualitative targets



Brand Ambassadors and Grands Vendeurs

build and increase the brand awareness
acquire new customers, drive traffic, and build loyalty
bring retail excellence on the sales floor, as well as network outside of the boutique
deliver a personalized selling ceremony



Sales Champions

expertise in a particular category

speak a specific language

understand the codes of luxury

deliver a luxury client experience that creates loyalty and client retention

work with the mindset of a team



Out-of-the Box Profiles

bring a level of expertise from another field

connect with a different client portfolio

convey an innovative perspective on business





We differentiate ourselves with


an ability to leverage a strong roaster of talents in key retail markets
an acute Luxury, Designer and Contemporary market knowledge
a local presence and a global reach
a robust track record at the service of prestigious brands
an International experience combined with a European sensibility



Process includes


optimizing role descriptions
in depth searches via network, database, and mystery shopping
selecting the highest skilled candidates
submitting of a short list of potential candidates
conducting reference checks
assisting with the negotiation of the offer